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Technology is at the heart of everything we do. It drives the game-changing innovations that we’re renowned for – developing new
products and solutions that solve our clients problems. From front-end design strategy through commercialization, we deliver
exceptional product design, development,  and engineering solutions for clients around the world.
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We assist  your business seize advantage through innovation. We work with you to exploit new ideas and new technologies, and develop profitable products and
strategies to help you stay ahead of the game. With a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers, technologies, digital experts and designers, we offer world-class
product development expertise. We combine this with clear commercial insight – we have been helping businesses find ways to profit from technology and innovation for
more than 20 years.  

And we apply exceptional cross-sector insight to your challenges too. We can bring you ideas from many different industries to help you discover smarter solutions faster.
  •    Get better results from your investment in innovation and R&D, including getting your organisation in the right shape to innovate successfully.
  •    Understand which technologies have the potential to benefit your business and making sure your technology resources match your business strategy.
  •    Develop desirable new products and services – at pace from generating concepts to delivering the finished product.
  •    Reinvent your manufacturing capability and processes so that you can manufacture new products more efficiently and get them to market faster.

One great idea can change your world.  We put technology and engineering innovation to work to help our clients harness the
power of a great idea.   Discover what a collaboration with us can achieve, from the creation of powerful and ground breaking
new technologies and products, through to their development and implementation.
AgriSolv® Brand Solutions specializes in replacing
toxic and hazardous chemicals with materials safer for people and
the environment. Let us find you a safe and  cost effective solutions
for your Agricultural needs.  
CitruSolve was developed for a client that was losing
the battle against HLB. After four years of research
and development, field trials, and other State and
Academia testing,
CitruSolve is now available to a
limited amount of clients.

CitruSolve is a field tested effective treatment of HLB
and promoting tree growth, root recovery, soil
improvement, as well as multiple disease and pest
OG-125 Oilfield
OG-125 is a non-toxic biobased  
nanotechnology replacement for toxic
and hazardous chemical degreasing
products. It quickly eliminates
unwanted hydrocarbon based
materials such as crude oil, diesel,
gasoline, motor oil, and associated
vapors, odors, and sheens.

OG-125 lifts heavy contaminants from
surfaces and  eliminates sheens and
substantially lowers VOC's upon
contact, reducing the chance for fires
or explosions.
CitruShield™ is a proprietary blend of biological
substances and compounds that  apply directly to
citrus trees by foliar spray application to improve its
ability for recovery from HLB, increase fruit yields, and
relieve tree stress.

CitruShield™ contains biological ingredients that aid
in the tree’s growth creating higher yields, stronger
growth, enhanced water absorption, better overall
appearance, and improved tolerance for heat, and
Solutions for the Citrus Industry
CitruSolve is an advanced AgriSolv™ Brand Solutions NanoBlend Technology product. Our proprietary NanoBlend
process converts a formulation of materials into a unique one solution that aids the recovery of citrus trees suffering
with HLB.
CitruSolve was developed specifically to offer a holistic low cost and environmentally responsible tree
recovery and management solution against HLB.
Oil Industry