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Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser
From Heavy Degreasing down to spotless Glass
Cleaning by customizing dilutions rather than
purchasing multiple products
Aircraft Maintenance
Animals - Aquariums, Zoos,
Automotive / ATV
Building Maintenance
Carpet Cleaning
Contract Cleaning
Commercial Fishing
Food Service: Restaurant
Grounds Maintenance
HVAC - Heating & Cooling
Lodging: Hotel & Motel
Machining & Metalworking
Marine (boats, fleets, cruise lines)
Oil & Fuel Production
Oil & Fuel Maintenance
Printing & Publishing
Sanitation Waste Haulers, Landfill
Schools & Daycare Centers
Transportation: (truck, bus, van)
Transportation: Rail & Subway

  • Certified Bio-Based
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Carcinogenic
  • Non-Caustic
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Ultra low foaming
  • Sustainable
  • Safe for the Environment
    Does not contain enzymes,
    phosphorous, nitrates,
    sulfates, silicates or petroleum
Factory Direct Pricing
Our products are sold FACTORY DIRECT to the end user, with NO DISTRIBUTION
. Typical distribution costs can be as much as 60%, AND, on top of that most
distributors add an addition delivery fee or shipping charges. That all adds up to a lot
of costs in a product that simply adds no value. By selling
offer a high quality product for less, adding value, and delivered as the customer
Within 26 seconds after
exposure to toxic
chemicals used in
cleaning products,
traces of these
chemicals can be found
in every organ in the
Did you know?
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The Most Economical Non-Toxic Industrial Cleaner /
Degreaser Available
                       One Gallon KleenSolv Concentrate
Makes up to 129 gallons Ready-To-Use solution at only $0.47 a gallon
and 17 gallons of Heavy to Extreme degreasing at $3.53 a gallon
                    Ready-To-Use Costs Pricing Comparsion
Simple Green HD-PRO at Heavy dilution makes 4 gallons @ $3.50 each
Purple Power full strength 1 gallon @ $7.15
Super Clean full strength 1 gallon @ $8.97
KleenSolv Industrial Cleaner & Degreaser is a specially formulated solution for
Industrial applications. It is safe to use, Non-toxic, Non-hazardous, Non-flammable,
Non-caustic and Readily Biodegradable, and  is the most efficient, cost effective, and
safest cleaning & degreasing product available.

KleenSolv is a versatile and efficient non-toxic cleaner and degreaser to be used in
industrial applications. Powerful cleaning action will cause hydrocarbon soil,
including grease, oil, and fuel residue, to repel from the surface so that it can rinse
away with water without damaging or reacting with the cleaning surface.
KleenSolv is
not a caustic detergent or petroleum solvent - it will not damage or react with the
cleaning surface.

KleenSolv may be used on glass, acrylic finishes, plastic laminate surfaces, ceramic
tile, porcelain, bright metals, and chrome specifically selected to eliminate residue
and improve flash drying while providing an anti-static effect to reduce soiling. It does
not contain ammonia or other toxic volatiles, and will not stain or leave streaks.
Continuous use will not harm rubber or vinyl, and will leave these surfaces free of

KleenSolv offers a safe, swift, easy to administer, and effective solution to heavy
degreasing, tank cleaning, and other commercial applications. Easily wash away
mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria with remarkable safety at a low and
economical cost. It not only saves on labor costs and down-time, but also on the
expense of multiple cleaning agents.
Truck Clean
  • Reduce and clean grease and oil
    build-up in tanks, piping, and water
  • Regular use on concrete and ramp
    ways for cleaning reduces slippery
  • Clean-up and degrease fueling
    docks, oil rigs
  • Industrial water and blow down
    pond treatment.
  • Will not harm or corrode rubber
    seals, gaskets, brass, and fabrics.
  • Cleans and degreases fuel tanks,
    transport tanks, tools, parts, and
  • Wash away mold, mildew, and odor
    causing bacteria.
Oil spill beach clean-up, water
remediation, and safe to clean
The safest and most effective
cleaner/degreaser for garbage
trucks and heavy equipment
Why KleenSolv?

KleenSolv is a “One Product Solution”  from glass cleaning to engine degreasing
safely, efficiently, and economically. It is the most cost effective and safest product
available, perhaps the only cleaner / degreaser you will ever need.

Chemical companies have spent billions convincing consumers to purchase their
products. They have been bombarded with continuous saturation ad campaigns for
over six decades to purchase products that have been proven to be harmful. And, they
continue to purchase brand names even if those products performance is low due to  
a high water content designed to sell more, and after they are informed exposer to
toxic chemicals are making them sick. The chemical companies are also successful
in training the consumers to purchase an individual product for each specific part of a
cleaning task resulting in literally thousands of cleaning products on the market, that,
quite simply, aren't necessary.
Tile Roof Cleaning
The cleanest I've ever gotten
a tile roof. KleenSolv does
this kind of job and I don't
have to worry about any
damge to grass, plants, and
trees... Gary M.  Professional
Power Washing, Bradenton,
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