Global BioClean, Inc., specializes in replacing toxic and hazardous chemicals with
materials safer for people and the environment. Let us find you a safer and more cost effective
solution for your cleaning and degreasing needs through our
BioClean Transition Program. We're
here to create solutions, improve the environment, and decrease your cleaning expenses.
Mission Statement: To discover, develop and deliver innovative
technologies and products that replace toxic chemicals in agriculture and
industry improving the quality of our food, water, and air.
At Global BioClean, making a difference is our passion.  As a product and technology development
company, we partner with our clients to address their business and technical challenges. We  then
provide a full complement of engineering, design, blending, and manufacturing services aligned to
meet their business needs.
Global BioClean enables companies to accelerate their product
requirement and production efforts, and drive more predictability and productivity into their businesses.
Partnerships with our clients are built on mutual trust and the shared desire to be incredibly successful.

Global Bioclean leverages over 20 years of experience partnering with leading companies representing
many innovative products for leading and emerging companies in  Agricultural, Aquaculture, Marine, and
Energy industries.
Global BioClean helps clients develop critical insights necessary to develop and find
solutions that make a difference, and we value the trust that clients place in our ability to help them
solve their production problems and deliver the products they want, when they want them.

Due to the confidential nature of our client engagements, we can only give you a glimpse into our broad
portfolio of innovative and leading-edge projects. Have a look, and if you see something of interest,
contact us to talk about your upcoming development initiative.

Developing Technologies, Products, and Services to solve our clients
challenges. Here are just a few examples;

  • A folair application solution to aid Citrus tree recovery from HLB
  • Soil stimulant with bioremediation properties to remove pesticide and herbicide residue
  • An aduvant with pesticidal properties
  • An adjuvant as a penetrate to carry nutrients into leaf tissue but leave larger particles
    (fungicides) on the leaf surface
  • An effective solution against the Salmon Anemia Virus
  • An automated fish feeding machine
  • Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous industrial grade cleaners and degreasers
  • Ecosafe and effective descaler
  • Fuel efficiency monitoring and control system
  • Emission reduction and control equipment and emission monitoring systems
  • Safe drilling and fracking solutions for oil field operations
  • Bioremediation agent for oil recovery and spill clean-up
  • Well stimulant for increased oil production
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